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custom cellos
Behind The Brand

For as long as I can remember, creating art has been part of my life.  It is the key to my secret garden, my internal looking glass, my unique rabbit hole. 


Creating something that never existed before is the motivation behind every piece.  I have no idea where the rabbit hole leads me as I work.  All I know is that it creates a magic flow, a path all its own. I create from the inside out. 


I enjoy using a vast array of media.  There is a piece of art in just about any object.  Transforming everyday things into whimsical fantasies is what turns me on.  Nothing is off limits.  If it has a surface it can become a beautiful daydream!

Every single item on our website is a "one and done" piece of art.  I never repeat a product.  No matter what you purchase, be it jewelry, a guitar, a jacket or a skull, it's a one-of-a-kind.  You will always be able to say, "I own something that nobody else on the planet has."  And I think that's so incredibly cool.  Go find your daydream! 


Michelle Rose Gilman

Artist at Age 10 


As seen in San Diego City Beat 2020

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