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PMik Leather Studio

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Peter Mikulecky, the craftsman behind P.Mik Leather Studio, could claim that his passion for leatherwork first ignited at age of eight, in the Cub Scouts. That would make for a great story! But the truth is that, as a Cub Scout, he was far more interested in fire-starting and Swiss Army knives. But who knows? Maybe there was some sort of spark. Certainly, as you’d expect, ten years of biochemistry lab research played an important part. How? A relentless attention to detail, an appreciation for the importance of materials, tools and techniques. These traits, as well as a reverence for tradition, craft and connection to nature, were amplified by his love affair with cooking. The final stroke was felled by his wife, whose devotion to shoes was like nothing he’d ever seen. It confused him…then absorbed him.

Using internet forums, a few handbooks and scans of nineteenth century texts, Peter taught himself how to make shoes, using traditional, hand-sewn methods and tools: the knife, the awl, the hammer, hand-twisted hemp and linen threads, wooden pegs. Each pair takes him on a painstaking and lovely journey.


FeatherPunk Studio x P. Mik Leather Studio

Eyeing the ever-growing mound of leather hides accumulating in his workspace, it occurred to Peter’s wife that some of that leather might be put to good use to fill a pressing need: she needed a well-made and stylish bucket bag for her travels. She picked the leathers and specified key design elements. Soon, the bag that was in her head became the bag in her hand. She was pleased with this arrangement, which repeated itself for a carry-all and a custom notebook cover.

As luck would have it, Peter’s wife is also the founder of FeatherPunk studio. Together, Peter and Michelle are pleased to offer the fruits of their collaboration. Fine leather bags and accessories, designed by Michelle to evoke the FeatherPunk vibe, made by Peter, using traditional hand techniques.

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